Jackson's Blend

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We've created this specialty blend of coffee in honor of Jackson, a Husky rescue waiting for adoption with our friends at Texas Husky Rescue. Despite being deaf, Jackson is incredibly smart and it doesn't slow him down. He's picking up hand signs and learning from watching his big foster siblings, who he gets along with great! 

When you purchase Jackson's Blend, we'll donate a full $5 to Texas Husky Rescue on every bag purchased. And if you subscribe, Texas Husky Rescue will receive $15!

Please help us raise funds for Texas Husky Rescue by giving this special blend of coffee a try. It's a delicious and smooth coffee you can enjoy and feel good about. 

Jackson's Blend features a medium body with tasting notes that include walnuts, mild apple, raisin and toffee. It's sweet and nutty just like Jackson! 

Roast: Medium

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Jackson was recently diagnosed with Megaesophagus — a disorder in which the esophagus dilates and loses its ability to move food to the stomach. As a result, Jackson has learned to enjoy all of his meals in a Bailey Chair — as seen in the second picture. Thank you for helping us support this sweet boy!