March 25, 2022

Better Place Brands Launches Husky Coffee Company

By George Carson

Oliver Carson, Founder of Better Place Brands announced today the launch of Husky Coffee Company — a coffee, apparel, and gift brand that will donate 20 percent of its profits to a group of approximately 12 Husky rescue organizations, nationwide.

The brand, available immediately at, becomes the fourteenth brand launched by Carson under the umbrella of his social responsibility company, Better Place Brands, bringing the total number of animal rescue organizations supported financially by Carson’s company to more than 150.

“We operate 13 brands aimed at helping animal shelters across the county,” said Carson.  “We’re excited to announce our newest brand aimed at helping Husky rescue organizations.  We hope our mission — ‘Drink Coffee. Save Dogs.’ — will resonate with people in the Husky rescue community the same way our other brands have resonated with people in various breed specific communities”

Currently, Carson is calling for Husky rescue organizations to reach out to him through the “Apply for Support” button within the top navigation of  To apply, they should simply provide a bit of information about themselves and a link to their website or social media sites.  Carson says he intends to choose rescues based upon their mission and geography, to cover the U.S., geographically, with financial support for Husky rescues.

“We’re in Husky rescue groups now on social media, seeking Husky rescues to support,” he explained.  “Once we have our group together, we’ll list the organizations we support on our home page so customers can see precisely where their donations are going.  We’ll send checks quarterly, and we’ll also donate merchandise the fundraisers of these organizations.  Whenever we launch a new brand, it usually takes about a week to organize and select a group of rescues to support; we’ll have those listed on our website in just a matter of days.”

To see all of Carson’s brands, visit  From there, visitors can link to any of the company’s coffee and apparel brands supporting more than 150 animal rescues, nationwide.